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Newbie Needing Help With Overclocking

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New Member
Dec 7, 2009
Hi everyone,

I have just bought a new system, my first for some 4-5 years and although I'm pretty up-to-date with things overclocking is not one of them. Below is my system :

P5Q-E Motherboard
Intel Extreme 6700 @2.66Mhz
Soundblaster card
OCZ Gold 8500 2x2 GB ram (just installed by myself)
8800 GTX 768mb graphics card
Samsung 250gb HDD
1000w power supply
Running windows 7 ultimate

Now I believe I can over clock the CPU but not sure how to do it. I have installed the ram in slot A1 (yellow) and B1 (yellow) leaving A2 and B2 blank

Running Pcwizard my Ram isn't running at 1066 like I believe it can? How do I improve my ram speed?

How do I overclock the 8800GTX or is this not possible?

I have installed Crysis which sets everything to Very High but game chugs. I know my HDD is not very quick.

Ps resolution I'm running 1650 x 1080.

Cheers all


Inactive Moderator
Dec 17, 2000
Portland, OR
In order to run your RAM at it's rated 1066MHz, you'll need to change the FSB Strap to North Bridge to 266 MHz, and the DRAM Frequency to 1066MHz (266/1066 NB strap at a 1:2 FSB : DRAM ratio). This is w/ the FSB (FSB Frequency) at the current default of 266MHz. As you raise the FSB you'll want to change the effective DRAM frequency settings, for example using a strap of 266 MHz at a FSB of 300MHz, change the DRAM frequency to 900MHz (266/800 NB strap using a 2:3 DRAM ratio). Or change to a 5:6 ratio using a 333 NB strap (333/800) for an effective 720MHz DRAM frequency. Keep the DRAM frequency lower than what the RAM is rated at until after you find your max. overclock.