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newbie overclocking... power supply dead

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New Member
Mar 25, 2002
I had my athlon 1000 running at 1333 ... seemingly rock solid... warmish

I had to leave the computer for a while (15 min)to see some people off after a reasonably lenghty computer session

When I came back it was dead... and as I suspected the power supply had failled

I'm a bit of a newbie at this.... can the overclocking cause the power supply to fail/ get too hot?


Aug 2, 2001
West Palm Beach, Florida
can the overclocking cause the power supply to fail/ get too hot?

Yes, in most overclocking cases you will draw
more power than normal from the power supply.

This can cause extra heat in the power supply;
witch will shorten the life on the supply. Also
you can flat out kill it if it is pushed to hard.

If this is the case the system might have stressed
the power supply before overclocking and once you
overclocked it just finished the supply off.

What brand power supply is it?
What is the rated MAX Watts?

I have had power supplies burn out due to failure
in the low voltage area; from overload.


New Member
Mar 25, 2002
I can't remember what the power supply was

I suspect it may have been only 250 Watts

The new is actually has a P4 label (I had someone do it in a hurry on the weekend) I'm guessing it's for a pentium 4...

I think it's 300 watts

I'm hoping to upgrade to an Athlon 1800xp soon on the same board 8k3ta+ (that's another story and another thread ;-) _so I hope it's sufficient

Shame the chip was running at that temp happily... now I'm not brave enough