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Newbie Peltier Question

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New Member
Jan 3, 2001
I am running a P3 700 cu FCPGA on an Asus CUSL2 mb. I have the fsb pumped to 133 with no problem. Currently the cpu temp is 89 with the boxed fan/heatsink. I recently invested in an 80w peltier and an 1/8" thick copper cold plate to try to get it a little bit cooler if I decide to step the fsb a little higher. I am not sure if I set the unit up properly. I have the cold plate on the cpu, the peltier ontop of that, then the heatsink and fan ontop of the peltier. When I boot into windows, MBM5 says its running over 160. After a minute of idling, the temp reads int he 70s. Please let me know if this is the ideal setup for heatsink/fan based cooling with a peltier.
the stock heat sink will never be able to support a TEC and the cpu ,,it will eventually melt the TEC ,,also ,it doesnt sound like your doing any insulating of this unit ,,youd better do some more homework before you fry the whole mess!!
NEVER UNDERESTIMATE the power of a peltier! Believe me, don't! Like Surlyjoe said, you need to insulate this bad boy. When I mean insulate, I don't mean put silicone around the edges, I mean you INSULATE it with Neoprene and silicone II. The best how-to and example of insulation that I can give you comes from Octools and the article can be found here:
Octools - Total Peltier Condensation Prevention