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newbie probs. O/C ABIT BE6-II

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New Member
Dec 21, 2000
Have PIII, 600mhz, (2)-SDRAM 128M PC 100,
(2)-box fans, PIII dual cooling fan on CPU.

O/C to 800mhz,100FSB,PCI/FSB .33,AGP/FSB .66

At startup, PC Health Status shows 33C for syst. temp. 1 and 61C for CPU, which seems high at startup. Have CPU warning temp. set at 70C.

After start up, open Hardware Doctor which shows 41C for syst. temp. 1 and 48C for CPU, which seems closer to what I have read should
be appropriate.

Open a program and alarm starts. Look at Hardware Doctor and shows 45C for syst. and
N/A for CPU. After program opens, alarm stops and Hardware Doctor shows 49C for CPU.

System seems to run stable and has never locked up, but keep getting these alarms.

Are my temp. gauges wrong, do I have warning set too low, or just need more cooling?

Also, after O/C changes, when computer restarts, energy screen still shows PIII 600.

Does this mean I am not O/C, or is there another place to see how fast running?
To over clock your p3-600, you must set the bios - Soft Menu to user in the CPU settings and make your FSB more than 100, and keep your multiplier at 6.0. you might want to start with the FSB at 110. this will give you 110x6=660MHz. make sure it will run at this speed. if it does, then begin raising the FSB until you get to the speeds you want (or how ever fast the cpu will go). you will have to raise the voltage some,and after the FSB is around 117, change the PCI divider to 4 (1/4). to hit 800, the FSB must be at 133. this may work if you have pc133 ram and a new video card that can handle AGP speeds of 90.
Hope this help, and watch your cpu temps.

Also, ditch the hardware doctor and get motherboard monitor.