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newbie saying hi

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Mar 17, 2002
hello, i am brand new to the overclocking scene.  but am fairly adept on computers in general.  i just bought a soyo p4s ultra dragon with a p4 1.8 chip (stock intel fan) and one stick of corsair 512 mb 2700 in a coolermaster atc110 case.  forgive me if i'm wrong but, in terms of bios settings, the manual appears to be of little use for this board.  it shows some screen shots and thats about it.  i was able to run my system at 2.2 which is great but that was with my ram being fairly underclocked.  the ram is 333 and with that cpu/dram  ratio thing, i didn't see how i could get my ram above 266 (without sacrificing cpu speed).  the soyos combo menu's "advanced" menu contains some stuff that is like chinese to me.  where can i learn more about what these settings do?   i am reading the o/c's board daily.  has anyone got a similar soyo setup and if so could you recommend some board/cpu/ram setups.

ps- i've ordered a Alpha PAL8942 sink with the big daddy delta fan on it. so that should get me a bit more stable...right?

thanks in advance
Welcome to the forums, I don't have any idea about your post but I'm here to let you know that it's good to have you... ;)
Welcome to the forums.
Your best bet is to look and/or post this question in the Intel Motherboards forum. I am sure that someone there will be able to help you out with your question.