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Newbie trying to get a decent setup together

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Apr 17, 2008
Larsen, WI
Hey guys I'm new here, actually this is my first post. I've been reading up and have started trying to OC my old rig a bit so if I break it I won't care. Anyway my newer rig is currently running a XFX nForce 680I LT with the E2180. I'm wanting to get the E8400 and was wondering if that chip will work in this board and if I can potentially get it up to around 4ghz with this board or if I will need a new board with the processor.

Too bad I just bought this rig without doing my homework and the last PC I built was over 7 years ago so I'm really out of the loop on all this new hardware.
that board will support the 45nm dual cores, which means that one. just make sure to get the new bios for that board. it hitting 4ghz i would say is kind of iffy, as i havent any results with that combo.
First of all welcome to the forums!!!

You a mariner or a dirty dawg? (going by your screen name)

680i supports e8400 as already stated. However getting 4GHz on one might be a challenge.

I just thought of something. I read here that the penryn dual cores love the GTL ref volts for high overclocks, much like the kentsfield (Q6600). Since the first few links in a web search are people having problems getting the e8400 to oc on the 680i, this could be the reason. (As ocing the q6600 on the 680i is known to be problematic, not for everyone, but...) Also 680i tends to have Bus holes IIRC.

You can try it and if you are not successful, flip your motherboard on ebay for a ip35 unless you are set on running SLI, then grab one of the newer nVidia chipsets. :)
750i seeems to be real popular for sli under $200. the EVGA runs for $189 while the asus i saw on the egg last night was listed at $139.
I have no intention or no need for the SLI, it just happened to be what was in the prebuilt that I bought.

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