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<NewBiew with SBLive Problem

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Jun 18, 2001
Winston Salem NC
OK took me long enough to get al of my system together and i have finally got a setup where i feel I can start dabbling in the dark arts YES! Then my first major problem has arose. I have seen and heard from others that the Soundblaster live cards are a ***** to deal with in over clocked state. I think that is what I am putting up with here. I will be inside of my Favorite game could be an hour or it could be 2 min never can tell no warnings that its about to happen. I get an error message and some where along the message I see the word EAX. This EAX is what has lead me to think it is my SBLive card. I am very new to all of this so if I miss any info plz let me know.
for my box I am running an ABIT KT7A-RAID Duron 800@910
Voodoo 3 3000 PCI (UGH! I know new AGP card in the mail)
30 gig WD HDD
10 gig Maxtor HDD
256 MB PC100 (UGH AGAIN!)
FOP38 Global Win heatsink and Fan (freaking thing is LOUD!)
system temp is 28 C Idle 34 under heavy Gaming and benchmarks
CPU Temp is 28 C Idle 35 under the same heavy loads and benchmarks
...HMMM I just checked with an app to see what my frontside buss and CPU multiplier was set at I used the AMD CPUID prog and I see a listing under CPU ID that say EAX........Now I am really confussed!
ok so where do i go from here am I hot according to Via's hardware monitor I am just a tick over midway to meltdown have MBM5 and it gives same readings as Via does
Have not installed any new Bios Flashes
I have however installed the latest 4in1 drivers
Any help would be nice guys and go gentle I am an expecting father and working on a very tight budget...If I am about to burn this thing up let me know! LOL I visited here first before i bought the CPU and MOBO this is my first box I have custom built and I am Thankfull yall were her to help!