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Newegg shipping question

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Oct 10, 2001
southern central Maine
Im getting ready to order a complete system in parts. A grand total of $1097 worth of parts from newegg shipping included and about $50 from heatsink factory. On a order this large(newegg) will they cut some slack on shipping ? Not a big deal the prices are good at newegg and 1097 is a good price for a smokin system minus monitor,keyboard,mouse shipped to my door to boot. Anyway just curious it might go up to about $1300 if i get brave. thanks for the input.
i've never had that problem with them before . . . on larger orders they've always consolidated the product, and they also give you a break on the shipping cost . . .
They are really good as far as shipping. I have made a couple orders with them and they ship the parts really well packaged with a lot of bubble wrap and styrofoam popcorn.

takiwa, sure they might not be a need for a big box to ship a processor, but the shipping is FREE!!!!!!!!!! What are you complaining about??????
actually ordering many things at once saves you lots of shipping if you order 5 different 10$ shipping parts at different times you would pay 50$ but if you ordered them together youre looking at like 27-32$. It helps to buy everything at once.
yeah it does save you on shipping i ordered a cpu, heatsink, mouse that would have been 21$ shipping seperate but together was 16$
I actually though that thier shipping was reasonable!! I checked several other sites which wanted up to double what newegg wanted!!
I feel that the shipping price is quite reasonable with the service that you get. Smaller items are always consolidated into a larger box (things like cases probably will be shipped in the original box) and there is plenty of bubble wrap and styrofoam peanuts to prevent damages during shipping.
why complain about shipping? try comparing total price of what your getting from newegg somewhere else and you will see you are already getting a good deal.
I have yet to buy in bulk from Newegg but I have bought several small things and the shipping seems to be pretty reasonable, but like someone said just check the shipping calc on the Newegg page.
I just ordered 7 items from newegg and I added the shipping listed with each item. That came to $46.00 shipping. After I clicked shipping calculator shipping was reduced to $34.00. These items shipped in 3 box's from 2 locations. I think the evercase comes from a dif warehouse. Any way newegg does cut you slack on shipping when multi items are ordered. $12 bucks saved will be spent on another part (need more ddram) from newegg soon. Thier the best.
thats great it sounds like ive found a company that wants to make customers happy for return biz. not like some others out there . thanks for the input oh and i think this makes one hundred posts maybe 101.
Recieved my newegg order today. 4 days including a weekend. I am in Ca so its not too far to ship. All three box's came today and I just finished butting together another rig. I love the smell of a brand new mobo almost as much as burning rubber. Now I get to see what the ecs k7s5a can do. Hope to hit 1.2 with a 1g duron.
I have not had a bad experience with Newegg yet. I have made many purchases, and on items that CAN be consolidated, they do. Usually, this results in a break in the shipping cost, but not always.

Today I received my DigitalDoc5 and WD 30GB hdd. Ordered on Friday, arrived on Wednesday, and I am in Virginia.
I just just bought for the first time from Newegg.com I bought a 80 gig maxtor HD, and it arrived right on time and in lots of packaging (but not too much). The shipping information was useful, and everything else was smooth. 10 out of 10 for these guys. I also recommend directron.com They are on par with newegg . So far anyway