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Newer H/W at older speeds...for now?

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Nov 24, 2002
Texas/Camp Lejeune, NC
If I was to buy a 333mhz Athlon XP Barton core and mod it to be an MP then put it in the MSI K7D Master-L and run it at 266mhz it would be underclocked along with pc2700 ram underclocked running at 266 instead of 333, could i later, when they release a newer board with a 333mhz FSB, put those in there and run them fine at 333mhz? same with an AGP card, run it at 4x on this board then the full 8x when they release it? or would there be some sort of weird complications and screw ups?

Also, could i lock the pci and agp speed on that MSI board and o/c the ram and cpu up to a 333 fsb from the 266 and have them run at stock speeds? Thanks.


Dec 31, 2001
the answer to your first question is ... YES... you could get these faster cpu's and video cards, and they would run slower on your MSI board... but they would run @ normal speeds if/when they release a newer board that supports those features.

The probelm is that the k7d only supports fsb up to 150, and no SMP boards support locking the pci frequencies.

If you want frequences above 150, your only chance is to go with an Iwill board.


IT Director Senior
Oct 15, 2001
The Iwill supports FSB up to 220, but it only has a 1/4th divider, so it is effectively limited to 150-160 FSB, due to the PCI and AGP bus.


Inactive Moderator
Jan 13, 2001
Minneapolis, MN
I wouldn't bet the farm on a dual Athlon board coming out that supports these newer technologies. Things in the SMP world generally move slow and an updated Athlon MP platform would be competing in the server/workstation market against Opteron MP solutions.

But this has all been said before.