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Next-Gen CPUs and Motherboards

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New Member
Feb 11, 2016
I found what I was originally looking for when searching for an answer to the next generation pc. It wasn't too difficult to find. However, no word on the operating system because it assumes that you are going to use the same OS. Given this fact, rumors speculated all over the place. Skylake and Broadwell aside, I think the same can be said about a new code name. However it is not readily in use currently. When it arrives, don't be baffled at how computers did not actually jump into the next phase or anything like that because I find it useful to know the information beforehand. My current setup is great and I will not be getting rid of it, however I will buy the new system when it sells. It should come along with a new version from Microsoft.
:welcome: to the forums. I could use some assistance understanding your post:

The next generation of Intel processors are called codename Kaby lake, I imagine we will see it near the end of 2016 or early 2017 given the regularity of Intel's release cycles. Then of course there's Zen from AMD which we will see probably some time in Q2/Q3 2016. I expect Intel's next CPU to follow in the same performance footsteps as they have been with a 5-15% improvement clock-for-clock from the previous generation depending on the application and use.

What should come along with a new version from Microsoft? Do you mean that there will be another cumulative update for Windows 10? I would expect it, seeing how we've already had 1 less than a year into Windows 10's product life cycle.