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Next Radeon?

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Aug 16, 2001
Ok, we had the radeon 7200, 8500, 9500 and now the 9700, what exactly to they plan on callin it next? lol, radeon 10,000, thats nto to catchy. any of you guys know any rumors and whatnot on the next model? And are they goin got continue the MX series?
who cares what the name is as long as the performance keeps on coming as it has been, I can not wait till 9500 Pro comes out thats what I plan to get

cisco kid
whats the specs on the pro? btw, is there a 9700 allin wonder deluxe? im lookin for a new video card and i wanna go BIG, lol
Morbid said:
well, since Nit Picker is my rank.. you also forgot the LE's :p


hey what about the AIW cards? or the pros?
IMHO the next radeon will be the 1000, or soemthing close to that
a bit of topic but is my sig to long?
If I remember the naming system correctly, then the next card will be named after the DX version it is supporting, which WOULD BE 10, hence the Radeon 10000. It makes sense, although the name is a little pathetic, because then it just sounds like an advertising gimmik, "Make the biggest number possable to attract attention".