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next video card upgrade - what to buy?

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Jan 9, 2001
I rarely post here, but when I need really good advise, I've always found Overclockers.com forums incredibly helpful.

Right now I have a 3D Prophet Geforce256 32MB SDR w/ TV-out. It's showing its age, and I'm looking at my possible options for upgrading my video card. My budget is tight, and in fact, I have no clue what my final budget is. I've got $90 right now, but I can come up with more, and I'm looking to make as big a step up as possible for the lest amount of $$. I've been looking around at Geforce 2 Pro video cards, and I found a MSI StarForce Pro (Geforce 2 Pro 64MB w/TV-out) online for $145 + S&H. What would you recommend? Judging from my system specs, would I be just as well off with a 32mb Geforce 2 GTS, which I can get for $100?

A few notes:
I am one of the few ppl on this planet who actually use the TV-out of a card, and I would prefer that any new card I got had this feature.
I play a ton of games, mostly fps, including Tribes 2, Q3, HL, and UT.
Ditto, the Pro will be, with your budget, the best bang for the buck, though the Radeons don't cost much more, they aren't on the same level for gaming in my opinion.
zoopa_man, I saw that auction even b4 I posted here, however, the card for sale there is a 64MB Geforce 2 GTS, not pro. I'd like to be able to get a pro (with it's faster memory). Thanks for the reccomndations guys. Now all I have to do is get $60 ;) (oh boy, I hope my clan win a local CS tourney!)