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NF7-S board wont go over 266 mhz? why?

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Nov 23, 2003
St.Petersburg, Russia
I have a palamino 2000+ chip on my nf7-s board with a stick of 256 pc3000 corsair xms ram and the same 256 stick but with pc3500. Is this chip just not built to go that fast, or should i try the L12 mod?

P.S. I think my multy is locked, cuz if i change it from anything except 12.5 it will not load. sorry i'm a noob at this, do I need to get a t-bred 1700+ or something?


Apr 21, 2003
The Palominos aren't known to be great overclockers. Also, as far as I know, the circuitry on the nforce 2 motherboard will no unlock the palomino chip's multipliers as it will some T-breds. I also had a 2000+xp palomino that would not overclock through the bios. I never tried the various physical chip mods. Beware, the Palomino series chips run much hotter than the t-bred counterparts. Beware of your temps when you do overclock the chip. I'd personally look into a t-bred b 2100+ xp processor, or even the 2500+ xp barton for $20.00 or so more. Newegg has them for roughly $91.00. Good luck to you.

- ThePCGuy