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nf7-s diagnostic

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Mar 9, 2003
Conroy, Iowa
Ok everyone here we go, I need your help determining if my nf7-s is dead. I got this board to replace a kx7-333r that I've had for about a year. It has specs identical to rig #1 in my sig. That being said, here is what's gone wrong. Day 1: format hard drive, perform fresh install of win xp pro, load up drivers and run windows update and apply updates. Day 2: Start up computer as normal and start installing games and software. While managing multiple windows, everything on the screen freezes except for the mouse. VPU recover kicks in and tells me that my 97pro was no longer responding to commands. It continues to do this in 2 minutes intervals until I become frustrated and turn off the machine. I reset everything back to stock speed and voltages and tried to resume installations. Same problem. I gave up for that day. Day 3: Power up......halt at windows loading screen. Reset.....wash rinse repeat this about 5 times. I tried booting with last good configuration this got me into windows, but more VPU recovery errors. So I swapped out my 97pro with a spare 98pro and got the same results. Later tests confirmed 97pro works like normal on other rigs. So I reformatted and reinstalled windows today. Now I can't even get into windows. I get continuous halts on windows loading, even on last known good config.
So here's what I'm thinking:
Possibility 1: GameVE (where i bought it) screwed me. This is already a board I had exchanged since the first nf7-s I bought didn't POST. THis one doesn't either.
Possibility 2: I've been posting in this forum for the last couple days with problems regarding this very motherboard. At first I kept getting overheating errors with my alphaPAL 8045. It turns out that the offset washers I was using prevented proper contact with the cpu core. Maybe I screwed up my CPU in the process? Unlikely.
Luckily my roomate took out the garbage and threw away my RMA and my receipt so now I get to eat the cost of another mobo. SOmetimes I really HATE computers. If you see anything above that makes it glaringly obvious that I've done something wrong, please let me know. I've built a LOT of computers and maybe I just slipped up on something. Let me know what you guys think.



Jan 26, 2001
Back in Iowa :( Come on Gators, Get up and Go!
change out your ram...i know the NF7-S can be finicky with ram sometimes...your XMS should be golden with it...but you never know

exchange it with some OCZ or something...i know i got random reboots with my ram until i put in my HyperX PC3500

btw...i wish i had a SPARE 9800pro lying around :)


Dec 21, 2001
My NF7 is real finicky with XMS in it,I don't know why,I have RMAed the ram twice,but it works GREAT with my Twinmos.

Have you tryed clearing the CMOS?
Can you boot into safe mode?
Try going into Bios and using failsafe option and then try to boot.
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