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NF7-S "Lag" Problem, tough one to kill

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New Member
May 11, 2003
Alright. I am now officially getting kinda miffed with this.

I got this board, repaired xp to get it to work (plan on a full reinstall when i get my new hd) and I still get this little bit of lag when i play games, or even just sit around doing nothing. I originally thought it might have been adware, scanned, there was lots and I removed it. Well, the lag is still there. went with newer TBSC drivers, still there. Reconfigured my bios to reflect the most stable setup, setting the fsb to auto, cranking the spread spect to 1.00. I am about to throw in the newest vid drivers just outta [papaparappa] n' giggles cuz i am runnig out of options big time.

I originally thought the issue might have been hard disk related because my drives were stuck in pio, it turns out that was a rack problem (cuz i keep my drives in racks, due to all 5in bays. Well i got them all up to dma 5 again, still laggy. I tried puttin the ram back so it would be a single channel because i heard 128 could be buggy. Still the lag looms there. I tried updating to newest nforce drivers, all that got me was an ide frell up again, so i switched back down to the xp stock ones. still lagged at both occasions.

I need ideas, options, fixes, anything i can get... i didn't find a problem similar to mine via searching, but at this point i am too frustrated to go looking too hard. Please let me know if anyone here has an idea.

2700+ Tbred B @ stock speed w/ ax-7 + modded smartfan 1
2x 512 Kingston Hyper-X DDR 370's @ 333
600 watt robanton psu
pny gf4 4600 on 43.00's right now
TB Santa Cruz on 4184 beta drivers (was on stock before, tried both extensively)
Seagate Generic 60 gig 7200 rpm (slave)
Maxtor 60 gig 7200 rpm (master)
and of course... Abit NF7-S 2.0

Any further info needed, just ask.


Señor Senior, Senior
Oct 11, 2002
The Empire State
Hmmm, laggy? Unless your mem timings are off, that might be the cause of it. i dunno anything that might cause it to be laggy. When you say 'laggy' while playing a game, do you mean laggy playing online or single player?

Btw, why are you still using a sound card? I have the turtle beach santa cruz also and once I heard the soundstorm, i think it's just as good as the tbsc.


Jun 22, 2002
Sterling IL
before pulling your hair out because of this i would wait until i did a reformat & fresh install. i did the same thing you did with the repair and even though i didn't get laggy performance i wasn't getting top performance until i reformatted.


New Member
May 11, 2003
I mean laggy as in single player, multiplayer, anything... its an access lag, my mem timings may be off in actuality.

I got it currently setup as dual chan, by spd, which it says is 7,3,3,2.0 (in order on list iirc). I got my 2700 up of course at 166 13.0, agp is still 66, voltages are all stock. recommend me something and i'll try it.

Oh, and hey john... yeah i know man, but i'd like to solve as much of this as i can just in case it shows up after format, but believe me, i'm not pullin as much hair out as i could be. :D

Oh yeah, and I still got a TBSC because i haven't really had much good luck with chipset audio lately, kinda skeptical of the boards' :p

If you can provide me some specs on it i'd be kewl to consider it, i have heard good things about it, just kinda edgy on using it.


Jul 8, 2002
i also just got a nf7-s and i have this problem with games, they seem to slow up every 10-15 sec, then go back to reg speed, singel player, and multiplayer, i did a fresh format so i got no idea, let me knwo if you get it fixed