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NF7-s Memory Solution? No Answers?

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Nov 7, 2002
Ive posted this in the memory forum but got no reply, please help!!

Corsair TwinX 512 MB 3200 Low Latency ( 2 x 256MB PC3200 184 pin MATCHED PAIR DDR LLPT)


Corsair XMS 512Mb DDR 434MHz PC3500 Cas 2 - with Heat Spreader 1x 512 mb

My mobo is an Abit NF7-s with a Barton 2500 @2204mhz (so far)

Best for overclocking and general day to day use??

Is the dual chanel going to be worth it @ pc3200 2x256's
Or Best to go with pc3500 but only 1 stick

So its (2x256)Dual chanel 3200 ram Vs 3500 single stick (1x512)

Btw im using these 2 as examples cuz money is a factor!!


Feb 2, 2003
I would go with this:

Corsair XMS 512Mb DDR 434MHz PC3500 Cas 2 - with Heat Spreader 1x 512 mb

you SHOULD be able to get a higher FSB with this setup.


Jun 12, 2002
i have the Twin X and am happy with it, but in retrospect it might have been better to get 1 stick of 3500 as although you wont have the benefit of dual channel it will run faster AND more importantly you will be able to buy another PC3500 512 stick in the future to upgrade to to 1024MB all at PC3500 and run in dual channel :D

just by 2p



Jun 22, 2002
Sterling IL
i have TWINX PC3200LL 512MB (2 x 256), with slightly relaxed timings i can hit over 220Mhz fsb in dual channel (the highest i hit so far was 228Mhz). the PC3500 might let you hit a higher FSB but i don't see the NF7-S going much higher then 230Mhz fsb before the motherboard is the limiting factor.

edit: i just tried maxing out the fsb. even with 7-3-3-3 timings i couldn't get it over 231 (stock timings are 5-2-2-2), at 232 it wouldn't post. i tried raising the ram voltage to 2.8 but it didn't help at all. the highest stable fsb i can run is 228 @ 6-2.5(cas)-2-2, not bad for PC3200 :D
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