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NF7-S onboard NIC & Counter-Strike

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Nov 9, 2003
Langley, B.C.
Just got this new board with an unlocked Barton 2500 and the rest and got everything up and running on XP Pro. I go to play some CS and config it up and the whole deal. With net_graph 3 open I am noticing a high amount of ms (not much choke or loss) but always some ms (note that this is on a bunch of different GOOD pinging servers). Even on my own server, which is on the same network at my house, I get little jumps of ms from 0-12. I tried adjusting the cl_cmdrate and cl_updaterate commands and that isn't doing a whole lot... Anyone else notice this? Is this just because the NF7-S NIC is not all that great or what? On my old Duron 700MHz with a PCI NIC (D-Link DFE 538-TX) I would usually never see any ms (on good pinging servers of course) which is what it usually is like under normal conditions, so what is the deal with the nf7-s nic? Any tips or comments would be greatly appreciated... Thanks


Oct 14, 2001
well, vinny, i don't think they make a 54,000 rpm hdd - even scsi isn't that fast..........hehe.........don't ya mean 5400?.........would seem in line with the rest of your slower gear..........don't mean to raz you but i am getting a good chuckle at the moment......btw, have had problems w/my onboard NIC also & i have the same mobo = NF7-S...........actually am using a separate NIC that runs much smoother since i still had it laying around.........
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