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nf7-s question

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Aug 1, 2003
E600000 - E60000FF
I am get'n some parts for free.. actually as payment for building a friends computer.. i know i want another mobo as this kt-400 chipset i'm runing now is crapping me out :mad:

anywho i was think on get'n the nf7-s 2.0

there's a local place where a friend of mine can get it for me for 100 bucks.. and i got to look at it today.. definalty a 2.0 :D

i'm gonna still be using the same cpu, for a while, might upgrade but probably wait until the 86-64 comes full fledge for a full system upgrade..

but this paired with a antec 450 for less than 200 bucks.. what you guys think?

i know from the general consenses (sp? :-/) that this board is great for OC'n projects, as it will be H20 Cooled.. i will more than likley get another cpu after the first of the year just to tide me off for a while longer until i drop bank for 64bitness all the way round :D

bad thing is though i think my 2700 ram might hold me back.. although to my suprise even with this crappy kt-400 board i got now i've gotten it to 185, and only thing stopped me at that is no agp/pci lock.. so we'll see what happens when i get this board. :D


Dec 17, 2003
Rochester N.Y.
Yep, no brainer! PC 2700 will hold you back a bit. but that gives you something to do in the future. Don't forget Dual Channel is the way to go on that mobo.