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Nforce Original Version Help.

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Senior Member
Dec 20, 2001
Do you need to install memeory in two sticks for the 1st revision Nfoce MBs like the Asus A7N-VM or the Abit NV7? Need too know soon, Ill be building a computer for a friend.
You don't need to install two sticks for it to work. The Asus A7N-VM I think is a 220 board, so it doesn't even have the dual memory controllers, so two sticks wouldn't make a difference. The Abit is a 415, I think, so if you go with that, you may want to use two sticks to enable both memory controllers, but it really doesn't make a lot of difference in the original nForce. I've got the MSI 415 board and it runs marginally faster than my other DDR boards with two sticks of memory.

My recommendation would be 1 stick in a 220 or 2 sticks in a 415 or 420, which would leave at least one slot for future expansion.
I don't think the the original nforce gets much use out of 2 sticks of memory aside from the onboard video. If you use the onboard video then you may want to otherwise don't bother.