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NforceFX WTF!? ASUS??!?

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Feb 23, 2004
Charlotte, NC
uh i was snooping around the net and i found this file called asusbs.gif. and uh i did some research and all i saw was the "nforcefx" chipset was just a rumour...what is this exactly...this looks like a real drawing

is that like 6 processors in one mobo ??? hehehehe you'll need a 1000watt PSU for that
haha, look down in the right corner a chip [H]b.s. with man love hardware
now that i think about it, maybe its not a real drawing since cpus wouldn't be that close unless asus was making one huge *** proprietarty heatsink to cover all of them...?
and if thats a servers dimms servers usually have the capacity for more memory than 4gb, especially if its a 6 processor MOBO your gonna need a hella lot of memory.
ya,,,atleast 10GBs with 6 cpus..

2cpus sounds beliveable on that board but not 6
Yeah its just an old April fools joke - look at the chip toward the bottom right of the mobo titled "[H]B.S. with Man Love Hardware" should have been the giveaway!!!