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NIC questions

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something clever

Jan 26, 2001
hello all,

I have 2 OC'ed computers at home (one mildly, and the other will soon be on the edge), and want to connect them. no hub, no switch - just the CAT5 wire. so I'm wondering which (hopefully) INEXPENSIVE NICs don't mind running at higher FSB speeds? I've read that they can be one of the first things to flake out.

also, my local COMPUSA has a clearance on ISA NIC cards ($5!). do you think the ISA card would tolerate an OC better/worse?

would like to hear your thoughts on this please.
I have a D-Link 530TX NIC and have had it running on a 41.5MHz PCI clock for over 6 months with no problems. You know you have to get a crossover cable right? I have nothing to base this on, but, I have a feeling that ISA cards which are supposed to run at 16 MHz (I believe?) and are usually older technology would be not handle the higher speeds as well.
when you overclock it only messes with the PCI bus. i had my system at 41PCI with a NE2000 ISA card and it worked fine. i'm using a PCI 'cause it's a 32bit card.
no,. are you using a hub, or just 2 computers?? i suggest you get a hub, because you can port a cable modem into it, and in case you get more computers, you can port them in. go for some PCI cards and a good soho hub. or go for a home networking package.
well I've never cut it open to check, but I believe that the 8 wires that are in the CAT5 cable are flipped/switched/inverted/whatever to simulate a connection through a hub. If you do ever get a hub you won't be able to use the crossover cable with it, just as you won't be able t
correct, but you can pick up cat 5 cable sorta cheap, at least you can local where I live. Then again I have tons of the stuff out at UCF. A hub is a better choice if you have a cable modem though.........