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Nice ALL aluminum case... but what do YOU think

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"Greatly improved heat dissipation.." Tell me another one. Perhaps aluminum does soak up heat better than enameled sheet steel. But "greatly" is stretching the truth. Let's face it, Lian Li is a status symbol. It's nice that they don't cost two pints of RH+ any more, I must admit.

Aluminum has no clear advantage over steel. If you need to cut holes in the case panels to aid mounting fans for better air throughput, aluminum is easier to drill and cut. However, aluminum binds upon drill bits like nobody's business. Snagging a drill bit, at least in my experience can create a deformation in a flat surface instantly. And this is with steel! While left hand case covers are often not on display, I like metal that's supposed to be flat--to be flat.

Personally, I'd spend the money saved by avoiding a chi-chi aluminum case for more necessary improvements in basic PC configuration. Hey, it's your wallet, not mine!
I'd strongly suggest buying a cheap $30-$50 case and just modifying it as necessary. Spending $100 or more on a computer case is an absolute waste of money. If you buy a $50 case and spend $100 modding it, then so be it, at least it's modified to your own specifications. I prefer that, to buying a case out right that costs $150. Especially since you'd still probably have to spend $100 modding it.
I agree- spend the extra on a hole saw and some good fans and maybe more ram. At least you will get some return on your investment then.
(Adding more coal to the fire...)
Yeah, an all aluminium case does not really have a significant heat transfer advantage over the plastic & steel or enameled steel type simply because the temperature difference of the air inside a well ventilated (go get a Twin Turbo (TT-900) by Just Cooler- can dry your wet hair as well...) case to that of the outside is really small, maybe just 1'C at most. Just spend the money on DIY material and some fans.