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Nice cuts in case?

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Jun 27, 2001
Wash. State
How are you guys getting the nice round cuts to mount that fans to the side of your cases? I have mounted a 120mm fan to the side of my comps case to blow onto the vid card and hsf. I used a hole saw to make the cuts for the 80mm fans that I used to have mounted on the side of my old comp, but that is so slow, and stretches the metal. With the 120 mm fan on the side of my new comp, I used a cup that was just a tad bit smaller than the hole that I needed to make, then drilled a large hole in the center. I then took a jigsaw and cut several straight lines out to the edge of the hole. Then I took a pair of snips and cut off the tabs that were left. It works, but now I have sharp edges, and it doesnt look all the professional. How are you guys getting your nice cuts, and what kind of tools are you using to make them?
Also, after cutting the hole use a file and sandpaper to smooth the edges. This will get rid of the rough burs and make it look a lot nicer.
What kind of drill were you using with the hole saw? NEVER use a cordless drill. They are lacking in the power department. And don't press down hard. Just press down light enough to start cutting, but not hard enough to bind the drill.

I use a hole saw and I never have a problem. Perfect holes every time. Just clean them up with a dremel, and you're good to go.
I picked up a drill press adapter from Sears, put in my 1/2" drll, and am getting some great cuts. Also, as Crazy Jayhawk said, make sure you use cutting oil.
I cut my holes with a Drill Press but did not use any oil. The nice thing about the presses is that all you have to worry about is the pressure you apply. It keeps the bit perfectly up and down. If you have a drill press, or if a friend will let you stop by to use his/hers i would reccomend using it.

There are different types of holesaws, some for metal some for wood some for both. i would imagine that one for metal will give you the best cut.
OK, thanks. I did not use cutting oil on my first attempt at using a hole saw for making my cuts for the fans. Also I did find out the hard way that a cordless drill is not the best for making your cuts with a hole saw. The second go around I did use my Milwaukee 1/2 inch drill, and it did much better. Thanks for the tips.
phew.....I'm glad I came across this post cuz I just bought a 4 1/2" bi-metal holesaw to make way for my 120mm fan. I have 3 questions if anyone could help it'd be great.

1. I'm not at all familiar with "cutting oil", but when I go to my local hardware store to buy this, is it just "cutting oil" or are there different formulas, etc. ?

2. The hole I'll be making will be on the front of my Antec SX1030B, near the bottom of the bare metal behind the plastic front cover (this fan will be the intake fan attached to my DTek Pro radiator w\shroud I ordered yesterday). Could anyone suggest the best position to go about cutting this hole......should I just stand the case on it's back and cut straight down on it or would that lack stability while I'm cutting........is there a better way?

3. I bought some contact paper from Walmart to put on the case when I cut the hole. Is one layer sufficient or would a couple of layers be better?
I didn't use any lube with my holesaw (though I probablyu should have, but it worked out fine). I have the Antec 1040B case and I just stood it on its back and cut the hole, it came out very nicely. I didn't even use contact paper, it might help, but you really don't need it. Here is my 120mm hole for my radiator on my Antec 1040B case, pretty much exactly what you are doing....


Thanks that helped a ton........I saw that papa john's pizza box in the corner of one of the pics and all of a sudden I realized I was starving:D

Anyone know about which type of cutting oil to buy (if there even is more than one kind)?
hey geniva... are the cigs important too? lol. jk. as for cutting oil... well, cutting oil is cutting oil. all it does is stop binding. heck, if ya had enough spit it would probably work. workin on my cars and stuff, ive used motor oil and everything, but i found cutting oil doesnt burn quite so easily and is a bit easier to clean up. just go ask em for cutting oil. they will point ya to it and buy whatever suits your fancy.

you all seem to say cordless isnt good, but i tend to like them. esspecially if its for a part of the case that isnt seen a lot like behind the front bezel. with the proper angling and rotating of the drill, you can get a VERY nice cut very quickly and easily. it wont have nearly as many burrs and snags either. of course, getting that technique down does take some practice.

and munky... the pappa johns box did the same thing to me