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Nice for peltier cooled sys !!

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Dec 25, 2000
I made a sort of tunnel wich fits exatly
over the fan of my peltier cooled pep66t and have cut a opening in the sidepanel of my case and placed a fan on it , the tunnel is a blowhole for the heat that is being generated by the peltier and is blowing it right out the case , no more heat that comes in the case so the temps are accepteble without having many fans blowing and sucking air in the case , nice and quit
I am using a reostat controlled front 120mm fan on my abit kt7r alpha pep66t system. Its an 800 oc 1000, cpu temp at idle 29C, under full load 42C. I will be switching to full water cooling soon as I can figure just how I want it i.e. inline vs submerged pump, large radiator vs large water tank...... help i have tinker lust, i think im turning into a gnome!
That does sound nice. Did the Pep66 fit ok on the KT7? I heard that you need to make some much needed mods for it to fit.
you need to use either a 10mm fan, or cut a couple of slits in the shroud and top mount the fan.

Is it better to be sucking warm air from the case into your PEP66 and then exhausting it, or would it be better to be sucking cold air into the PEP66 and exhausting warm air into the case (from the PEP66)? I mean the CPU is already at the top of the case so any hot air should be exhausted almost right away anyway, right?
The mobo isn't at the top of the case and since i have the fan on the Alpha sucking air into the heatsink which it will blow directly out of the case trough the "tunnel" It will not suck hot air but fresh room temperature air that is supplied by the fans in the frontpanel.!
The warm air that comes from other devices will rise and be blowing out the case trough the exhaust fans in the top rear of the case .
You have to make the "tunnel" in a pyramid form so you can slide the sidepanel in place!!