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Nimda Is Back!!!crap

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All that is Man!
Nov 24, 2001
Stillwater, Oklahoma
why do i keep getting nimda? where does it come from? i have norton 2002 running at all times, it checks everything...then whenever i do a system scan, and finds it, it cant repair it, and it cant even quarrentene all of them...so yea..this really sucks...how can i keep this crappy virus out of my computer? i was told it comes through outlook express....so i stopped using it, and started using internet expolorer....i think it goes through OE, because it actually d/ls the messages onto your computer....so thats how it spreads.
are you running a firewall?

and I presonally believe pc-cillan and mcafee are better than norton....
eh, i got norton in a bundle pack, didnt feel like buying more stuff, i cant run a firewall, cause im on a LAN, and i dont have a router yet.....which i will be getting soon...if i put up a firewall, my other computers are not visible on the lan
you can configure a firewall so that they are visible. It depends on the firewall. And also...have you noticed this particular strain of nimda hiding amoungst any mp3's? That could be it.
naw, not in my mp3's, they are all in outlook express readmes and saved messages....the messages just show up on my computer.....
the thing with OE is, it downloads all the messages onto your computer, so even if the virus ISNT an attachment, just an attatched message, it will still infect my computer, thats why i dont use it anymore, because what it does, when you open up my computer, look at your Shared Folders at the top, it is shared my default, so the virus starts there and spreads..because most people dont catch that share....BUT, even if you unshare, since the message is d/led to your computer, you still get infected...sucks...so im just gonna use internet explorer from now on
jbell said:

and I presonally believe pc-cillan and mcafee are better than norton....

*holds fingers in a cross pattern as if to suggets that JBELL is the devil* :D

I've never had a good experiance with Mcaffee, but Norton 2k2 works great for me.
The anti-virus programs alone cannot fully remove nimda from your system. E-mail is not the only way that you can get infected by nimda, if you have unprotected network shares this is an easy way for nimda to keep reinfecting you if it is present on any machine on the network. Go to this page for all the info on nimda, it includes removal instructions and a removal tool that you can download:

http://securityresponse.symantec.com/avcenter/venc/data/[email protected]
dont have any network shares on, turned them all off....oh, btw, you are my hero, this takes alot less time to do than a full system scan..lol
Mcaffee is just a waste of ur sys rescores havin it running,, dont do crap
Personaly I think Nortons is 10 times better...