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No beeps, no post, display for 4 seconds then restarts

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New Member
Dec 27, 2012
Hello everybody, I have a big problem with my new set-up as in I have power to motherboard but no beeps, no post, no display, but all fans are running and I do get a display for about 4 seconds telling me what graphics card is being used. Then screen goes blank and it starts over again. When there is no memory installed I get three short beeps, telling me that there is no memory. When using the on-board graphics I get no display at all. I have tried a different PSU and several memory sticks (including the ones in my other computer) in all dimms and combonations, to no avail. I have also tried with board not in case, nothing but the cpu, cpu fan, and memory hooked up. Any ideas would be helpful and appreciated, Thank you in advance, my specs. are as follows:
Motherboard: Asus P8Z77V-LK
CPU: Intel i7-2600
Memory: 2x Kingston 4gb x4315j-hyb
SSD: Kingston 120gb ssdnow300
HHD: Seagate 1.5tb

You've done a good job of troubleshooting. My best guess with the information that we have is that the MB itself is bad.
Did you try Clearing the CMOS with the PC unplugged?

This. Make sure you remove power to the board before clearing the CMOS. It pins then don't move the jumper until you turn PSU off and drain power by pushing case power button. And don't power it up until you replace the jumper to default position. Some boards have a push button resetter on the motherboard itself.
This. Make sure you remove power to the board before clearing the CMOS. It pins then don't move the jumper until you ........

Hi Senior Trents,,,

Just want to give advise...
How if you (unplug AC cord first) remove battery for 1 mins. Then move the jumper, keep it there (clearing position) for 1 mins. Then, install the battery, wait for another 1 mins. Return jumper to default (normal position).

Pray.... then plug AC cord to psu...
Removing the battery should accomplish the same thing. But if there is a jumper or a button made for doing this on the motherboard it is easier than removing the battery.
Had a similar problem with my mobo recently and for me it was one bad ram stick and 3 bad ram slots (one stick wouldn't work in any slot, while all other ram, including those from a separate rig, would only work in one slot) resulting in a bad board. RMA'd and waiting on results from Gigabyte but heard their RMA was a pain to work with so I'm not expecting good news.
Thank you everybody for the great responses, I'm thinking the motherboard is hit, just wanted second opinion, thank you again.
Update: just realized that I entered the wrong motherboard in my specs. It is a MSI Z77A-G43