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No joy in Mudville Casey has struck out

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Apr 18, 2017
Ok I am at the point of wiping EVERYTHING Gigabyte software AMD software flashing an F1 bios Cause F3 is giving me NO LOVE. I have even cleared the CMOS twice. My thinking is MAYBE??(fingers crossed) i can start fresh. For any one just reading The set up is Gigabyte X370 K7 32 GIG Dominator @ 3200 and RYZEN 1700X. Any and all help is MOST WELCOME. Thanks in advance:)

P.S. KUDOS to JOHAN45 he's helped me alot. And his statement to me that this board is STUBBORN is spot on.
I have no control in the bios at all.Cannot adjust settings Clock Freq. any thing it just wants to run at stock.I updated the bios 1 day after getting the PC running I went from orig. F1 bios to F3 bios that came out 1st week of April. So thats why i posted my thought of clearing CMOS again(3rd time) and try flashing an F1 bios to bring it back to "Original Out of the box". I am not trying to do a BIG O/C just 3.7 to 3.975 machine is for content creation. Hope this additional info helps
I still find it hard to believe you can't change anything. Is this what happens? You make changes reboot and everything is stock? Or you literally can't change any values in the BIOS itself?
Hey Johan Can't change values It stays on AUTO for clock speeds and volts when i click on Auto i am supposed to get a sub menu drop down to change it to manual but nothing happens This is in M.I.T section of bios where i am SUPPOSEDLY allowed to change values according to Gigabyte LOL its a good thing i have a good sense of humor otherwise i might be tempted to give this MOBO a FRIZBEE LESSON LMAO
Which board was that K7?
It would be a good idea to make a signature with your PC details listed. It makes it much easier to help. I'll look at your manual if I have to but you might have to set something else to manual OC near the beginning of your options.
Yes K7 I will change my profile /icon. How about my idea to clearCMOS again and flash the orig. 1 bios and hopefully start from scratch
OK try advance frequency settings > cpu core ratio and set it to 35 then reboot to windows. See if the CPU sits at 3500 MHz
have you tried typing a value I know mine used to have a drop down on my K5 (Z270) but my K7 doesnt I have to type what I want, Was fun figuring out LLC which are Standard /High /Turbo
Yes K7 I will change my profile /icon. How about my idea to clearCMOS again and flash the orig. 1 bios and hopefully start from scratch

I thought I already answered that in your other thread. I would just reflash the same BIOS or a newer one if available but yes set defaults first.
Thank you i tried 3.6 and its holding and i reloaded the original bios that was on the board when it came out(F2 bios) i will wait until a more stable bios is released. The F3 bios is when i started having issues. Thanks again
Just work up from there and no problem that's what I do
Under Advanced Frequency Settings, you need to change CPU Clock Control from Auto to Manual (use +/- to change settings) then you should be able to make changes. I have told 2 or 3 people the same thing.
Some sections of the BIOS need to be changed to Manual before you try to make any changes.