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No picture to screen???

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Dell Guy

Dec 28, 2009
Dell Insprion 8600 Laptop

The screen went black while surfing, no light. I can turn it on and hear the start-up music so its booting fine. Just no picture.

Stuff that didn't work---
Plugged CRT monitor to back of laptop, no picture, fn f8.
Put laptop on docking bay, no picture to CRT.
Pulled big battery and memory.

Next to try---
Pull video card & CMOS battery.
New Inverter board.
New Backlight.
New Screen-No can't be?

Any Advice is :welcome:


Mar 8, 2004
It could be graphic card too.

If it would be inverter you should have image on the screen. Either vary faint or just black. Shining some light should reveal some images. If that's the case then replacing inverter would help.

Considering that you don't have output to external monitor, makes me think that the GFX is busted or corrupted. Make sure to check out if external monitor gets images or not.

Dell Guy

Dec 28, 2009
The screen on the laptop is completly black. The external crt monitor is green then when i plug it to the laptop it goes completly black too. I just pulled the video card (wish i had a spare). I cant see the bios screen to change the bios setting to use onboard video. So i figured just pull the cmos/rtc battery. Damit its soldered to the board. Damit...:cry: