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no system power with new mobo

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New Member
Nov 3, 2002

I bought a MSI MS-694T Pro Mainboard 370/FCPGA/2 some days ago. After installing my mainboard I got error from Windows Xp at startup so I couldn't enter my computer at all. Later I found out that I had to reinstall windows (format my pc). So I replaced the MSI motherboard with my previous motherboard to backup some stuff from my hardisk. I did so and was now ready to format after i once again had installed the MSI motherboard.

After installing all the components again to the new (MSI) motherboard it didn't start up, nothing happen, no power, no cpu fan spinning. I did everything according to the manual. I double-checked all the cables plugged on the motherboard with no luck. I checked the power cable and also replaced it with another one but it did no good. I also checked the the ATX power supply plug/cable several times but the problem continued. I uninstalled the motherboard completely and then reinstalled it, but still no power. I also checked if the mobo was shortning out, so i reassembled the mobo on a card board out side of case, but still no system power.

Finally I replaced the mainboard with my previous mainboard to check if the powersupply was damaged. But the previous one started up as it used too.

What could the problem be? I dont think I have forgotten something as I have use alot time on trying to figure out what I have done wrong. Also it started up fine first time I installed it, what happend? have I forgotten something? Or is it something with static electrisity?

Note: I'm only replacing the mobo, i have the same cpu and ram and rest of stuff, + i am adding a GF4 3dcard



Jul 21, 2002
N.E Scotland
I experienced the same thing you described a few weeks ago. It turns out I had the CMOS jumper in the wrong position. The pc wont even power up if the jumper is not in right position. Worth a shot.


New Member
Nov 3, 2002
I didnt touch the jumper but i could try yes... :)

thx for replying so quickly