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FRONTPAGE Noctua NH-D9L & NH-U9S 92mm Heatsink Review

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Sep 28, 2010
I like these. I am also a fan of the fan less types, at least where only a very light fan is used just to keep heat from accumulating.


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Apr 1, 2015
NH-D9L just barely fits in a nMedia 5000b HTPC case

NH-D9L just barely fits in a nMedia 5000b HTPC case. The case cover is touching the top of the fan.

If I could get the fan lower I would but the screws get in the way to go lower. I didn't want the clips to rest on the screws.

It is really quiet on my AM2+ Gigabyte MB and AMD 1090T six core CPU.

The reason I upgraded the stock cooler was that one of the plastic tabs on the cooler mount broke off. So my stock cooler was just laying on top of CPU. Good thing this is a horizontal case.

The stock AMD cooler sounded like a jet engine on 100% CPU use.

Still room to RAM and video card. Had to take out power supply because I dropped one of the MB screws at the back corner and couldn't get my hand in to retrieve it.

You should of seen all the dust I had to clean out of this case. I will not buy a nMedia 5000b like case again with all the ways for air to get into case without using a filter on intake.

When Plex Server is transcoding and CPU at 100% I cannot hear anything. I think the OCZ 600watt power supply and the nMedia 2 x 60mm case fans and 90mm HD fan make all the noise but not that bad.

I haven't overclocked yet and probably won't. This is my KODI media HTPC, Plex server, network storage system for the whole house.

Should I have gotten a smaller Noctua Cooler and one that costs less?
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Oct 30, 2009
One of the advantages of ultra-low profile RAM is that you can put a fan over it. I don't have that D9 mounted, so I can't tell you if it would fit, but you can try it yourself. The other thing you can try is to put a fan in pull configuration. And you can have one in push, one in pull, and nothing in the middle.

As for the lost mb screw, I have been known to pick up a case and tilt it until the screw is gettable. You can get a magnetic tipped screwdriver for such things. I scouted around locally and found a Phillips head #1 with an eight-inch shank to help me with deep cases.

Did your case cost a lot? Sometimes it is better to buy a new case and start over.

In any 'case,' good luck.