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Noise confusion

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Jun 11, 2001
I have been doing some research on fan selection to choose the best performance to noise. I have noticed that in your tests it seems your noise levels are higher then manufacturers, notably your test of the MC-462-A the Delta fan was screaming at 74dba and manufacturer lists 48.5dba. this would be great if you tested every fan, but I realize you can not. I am planning an upgrade to a 120mm fan on my MC-462-A but am at a loss should I just use manufacturers numbers against manufacturers numbers as an apples to apples comparison?

I'm not sure how standardized (or honest) the manufacturer's measurements are but to be really sure you gotta test them first before you buy. Cut off a (female) 4-pin connector and/or a 3-pin Molex to 4-pin connector convertor, and connect them to a 12V AC/DC adaptor (get at least a 800mA rated one). Bring it along when shopping for fans at stores and have the salesperson let you try it out! A bit silly but either that or trust the given dB ratings.
Well, the manufacturer's ratings are done for the fan itself...just the fan in a soundproof box (something like that, anyway)...the actual levels are higher cause it echoes, resonates, vibrates and adds to all of the other noise in the case. I generally compare the manufacturers' ratings with the thought that the 60mm 38cfm is loud, and that a larger fan at the same rating as a smaller one isn't going to be quite as loud sounding (due to lower pitch)...

My 2¢...