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Feb 3, 2001
My pc is really really noisey and I only have a coolermaster HSF! If I stop the HSF fan, it's quiet. Are the HSF fans supposed to be noisey? I don't think there's anything wrong with it, just the noise of air.

PS: Would an 80mm fan mounted onside of case blowing into processor cool it any more and would it make a lot more noise?
Don't stop your HS fan for long. Athlons/Offspring self-destruct in 14 seconds without proper cooling. An 80mm fan mounted on the left hand case cover that blows onto the HSF will aid cooling. You might want to look at some HSF reviews. I'm not sure that a Cooler Master HSF is "all that."
I've tested an Alpha APL6035 with a Sanyo Denki fan rated at 28dBA against a YS Tech fan and found a 1C-2C difference in temp but the Sanyo was much quieter. Nowhere near the airflow of a Delta, but for anyone looking for a respite from noise might want to consider that as an alternative.
If you are considering an extra fan, go for a 120mm. They push more air, and are quieter than most smaller diameter fans.