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noisy delta must die!

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Mar 20, 2001
noisy fop-38 is a *****!

anyways :), if i want to attach a 90mm fan will a adapter be absolutely necessary? or can i just smack it on there without one?

when i say adapter i mean the thing that prevents air from escaping off the sides. i know it would be good for blowing but i am going to be sucking (no it's not a euphenism)
The FOP heatsink doesn't work well with the fan sucking, I would recomend only an 80mm fan as you can attch these with the clips for the 60mm, but with a 90mm I don't know if they would stretch far enough, those duct things aren't essential, and I doubt they help that much, I would expect they just increase the pressure of the air rather than the amount, one good thing about letting it overhang is that it will also cool your motherboard down as well.
doesn't work suckin'? i got same results with 60mm fan suckin' and blowin' my big heatsink : ) (i can't resist)
With my trial it didn't work very good without some cowling or something to trap the air. Idle temps were good, but under load it got to hot too fast. The clips do work for an 80mm. Careful bending them, they will break.