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Non-conductive Shim

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Jun 17, 2001
Next week I'm purchasing 1.4 Athlon c/w Super Orb or Thermal Take 6I31C, briefly seeing that a shim helps in despersing heat over a wider area but your fingers are pointing towards non-conductive material.

What do you recommend?

Is copper good but risky?
It actually doesn't do nothing much to temperatures, that shim. The difference is about 1F, so that doesn't amount to anything.
The non-conductive ones are usually copper too, they're just painted with a non-conductive paint. I think.

DO NOT buy any Orbs. They SUCK. And hard. They're simply not good enough for >1g processors. Do a search on Orb in this forum, that'll show you the common opinion about them.
Shims actually increase tempratures slightly, there a test report on the front of overclockers.com about this very matter, the only advantage of a shim is that it reduced the chance of cracking the CPU core which the ORB is know for doing. The only reason people use the non-conductive shims in preference is that the conductive ones can damage the CPU if it crosses the bridges.

I personally suggest taking care of fitting a hsf instead of using a shim
So, is all that crap on the Thermaltake web site just for looks and based on theory? The copper shim sounds like a great concept, but it doens't do crap? What the hell do they even advertise that crap for? On another note, what do you think about the Volcano II HSF unit? I haven't done a search on this forum about it yet, but I'm doing it next... Just thought I'd get your opinions. (Should we stay away from Thermaltake altogether?) I am looking for a cost effective cooling solution for AMD 1GHz 266 on IWILL
The VolcanoII is so so, not high end, but definately a lot better than the Orbs. I would get a FOP32-1 if I wre you. Not a high price and a nice cooler indeed.
most nonconductive shims are not made of copper. They are made of something weird. They only affects temps at most by one degree, but even out the way a heatsink sits on the core, and greatly reduce the chances of cracking it. The prob with most nonconditve shims is that they are slightly compressible, but this is not a huge deal at all. For $10, it is a very good insurance policy. I use ones on my celey and my Duron, and I have no trouble using a fop38 with it. I would get at least a FOP 32-1 for that CPU, if not something better. If you want the best hsf, get the Swiftech 462-A which is $80. The Millenium Glaciator is excellent for $40. A ThermoEngine is less risky hsf using a clip because its much lighter and gives excellent numbers for $35 assuming you use a delta. But no orbs, they are not that good, especially for a hsf that large, and Volcano II will do, but not for overclocking that puppy.