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Non-VIA chipset-based m/b for AMD CPUs

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New Member
Jan 10, 2001
Does anybody know of one?

(BTW, this is my first post here. Hiya all!)

I've been planning to get the Asus A7V mobo and Duron 700, but I feel very uneasy about getting a VIA chipset. (And I don't want to have to go for an Intel CPU.)

I hear of many people having problems with the 4-in-1 drivers causing their system to become flakey, apparently because VIA's new chipsets, (e.g. KT133, KT133a, etc.), are based on the very first VIA chipset designs (circa Apollo VP-1), which were a pretty shoddy design to begin with. That's why all us VIA chipset users use the same 4-in-1 drivers as each other, regardless of the actual model of chipset.

So instead of having redesigned the chipset, which it really needed, they just shoehorned high-performance extensions into a badly designed foundation.

Remember, this is all just hearsay. But does anybody have any suggestions/comments?
AFAIK, the AMD 750 chipset is the only alternative at present. Duron/T-Bird mainboards by SiS and ALi are either available now, or will be reasonably soon. Alas, these may be less than stellar performers. I'm not knowledgeable regarding K7/T-Bird/Duron systems, so take this with a proverbial grain. It's possible that the AMD 750 chipsetted mobo's only run Slot A Athlons.

AnandTech has a link to a [H]ardOCP shootout of sorts of four different chipsets for the T-Bird/Duron, today.
Well Archer..the reason is that VIA's 4-in-1 is a unified driver...similar to what NVidia does with its driver updates...instead of releasing a driver for just this...or that...both of them release driver's that determine which chip you have and applys the appropriate settings/drivers contained within the archive you downloaded...
Well you hear a lot of bad things about the VIA chipset, but dont forget that the ppl that is happy with VIA does'nt have to post :)

Go VIA KT133A no question about that.
The KT133A option certainly *sounds* like the best option.

However, the only reservation I have about it is this: motherboards are only just starting to become widely available as we speak (or write ;)) and so there quite probably will be bugs etc that can only be detected by widespread customer use, and thus ironed out.

Does anybody have any comments, or should I just go for an MSI or Abit as soon as I have the chance?

I'm a total newbie to overclocking - this will be my first overclockable system - but above all I need stability and a quiet PC, rather than a fully hardcore overclocked system. Therefore, maybe I'd be better off going for a tried and tested KT133 mobo?

Thanks for your comments.
I think as long as you get a KT133a board from a trusted manufacturer like Asus or Abit the chances of problems with it should be no more than with any system - I have read a couple of reviews of KT133a boards, and generally they seem to perform well - especially in the case of the KT7a reviewed over at [H]ard OCP: http://hardocp.com/reviews/mainboards/abit/kt7a/index.html

If it was me buying, I'd go for the KT133a - you won't want to upgrade again for quite some time I'd imagine, and six months down the line the KT133a is going to be a much fresher board that the KT133.