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noob heatsink question

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Oct 27, 2002
Sorry for the lame question. I just bought an XP 2200. Is it alright for me to scrape off the thermal interface material off of the new heatsink and then put grease on? Will this screw with anything? If not, what is the correct method for applying it to be most effective.
Thanks for the help guys.
Is that the heatsink that came with the XP? Not that that matters, but just wondering.

It's perfectly acceptable to remove the thermal tape that comes on it and replace it with AS3. When doing that, though, be very careful not to gouge the base of the heatsink. If you do, it will not be as effective. I tried to do the same with mine when I got my SLK-800 so that I could re-use it if I needed to, but I gouged it so badly I had to throw it away. FYI, I was using an X-acto knife. When you've gotten it all off, make sure you clean it VERY well with rubbing alcohol to make sure you've gotten it all off. If you've used the heat sink already, you may not be able to get it all off. If that's the case, I don't suggest trying to take it off in the first place. The procedure to properly apply the AS3 is located on their website at www.arcticsilver.com I believe. Follow them exactly and you'll be fine.

Thank you for the quick reply!
Yes It is the heatsink that came with the fan.

Wow I think I F****ed up!
BTW...this computer will not be overclocked, it's for my sister.
Live and learn right?
Anyway here's what happened. I have the xp 2200 like I said and the asus a7v8x mobo. Thank god for CPU overheating protection. It was running at 65c which seemed too hot, but it was still stable...why not leave well enough alone. So I removed the heatsink to check the footprint, everything looked good. (I'm such a moron...lol) I decided to try an antec thermal pad to see what would happen. So I removed all the old thermal stuff. Well now the friggin think won't even boot up. Asus COP, thank god. WOW! I'm just about ready to puke. I sure hope I didn't damage something. I'm going to the store right now to pick up some artic silver.

One more quick question. I don't know why I can't think of it, I've done this a few times before. I think I fried my brain.lol When I install the heatsink, I place it on top of the processor. I then hook the clip on the side without the ledge, then I use a screw driver to press down and out to latch the side with the ledge. Does anyone see a problem with this?
Ok...now I'm gonna puke.

mate, we all screw up some of the time!

Thats why i go to this forum, the guys here are great on giving tips on unscrewing things!!!
To make you feel better, i broke my cpu the other day... i felt like puking too when it would boot!

Once you get the AS3 make sure you apply it like they say in the instructions, and make sure you lean the HS completely, and the CPU core as well. you dont want anything other than AS3 between the CPU core and the HS! (definately not moisturiser!!!)

I nearly broke my NEW 1600 after doing that! the nailvarnish remover i used had moisturiser in it and my idle temp shot up to 50*C before i shut down.

when installing the HS make sure you do it very carefully, you dont want to crush the core, also you dont want to push the AS3 out of the way and ruine everything. Take your time doing everything! the AS3 wont dry up so if youre tired you can leave it till tomorrow. Thats what i learned anyway.

Hope all goes well!

The sad part is that Asus mobos report high temperatures. There was probably never a real problem. Athlons will chug along forever at stock settings.
Ugmore Baggage said:
The sad part is that Asus mobos report high temperatures. There was probably never a real problem. Athlons will chug along forever at stock settings.
I hear ya buddy. I shouldn't have touched it, but I had too;) Ya know.

Anyway for the latest update. I got some artic silver. Followed the instructions. The pc booted and is running 12c cooler than before. Unbelievable! Idles at 53c now. For what is going to be done with this pc I think that is good enough. Thanks for the encouragement and advice guys. I do appreciate it.