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noob here: how do I insert the PETG pipe all the way?

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Jul 18, 2012
might be best explain with pics (see below)

I cannot push the tube all the way. The "o-ring" seems to be getting the way. I thought of using sandpaper (fine grit one) to reduce the tube width a bit.

But I could be doing it wrong too. Any ideas on how do it properly and safely so I don't break the tube.

I bought this style of fitting because according to what I've watched/read, I don't need to use the chamfer tool on the tube. But I do have a chamfer tool on the way. It just hasn't arrived yet.

Thank you.




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Apr 12, 2003
Bump im sure someone will know . I think its because you havnt uesed camfer tool . You might have received it now so let us all know


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Aug 16, 2009
Never seen that style fitting before are you sure that's for acrylic? I would think that is for copper tubes. Try a little olive oil for lube. You don't necessarily need a big camfer take some fine sand paper and lightly sand the bottom edge to get rid of burs but I think you have the wrong fittings, can you post a link for the fittings and the tube you bought.