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Noob Ocer needs help.

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Dec 8, 2005
Hi today is pretty much my first time overclocking. I read a few stickys before I tried it. Iam just looking for some help though. I have a msi motherboard from the reviews on newegg its great for ocing. The cpu I have is a amd 64 venice 3200. It runs at 2.0ghz standard. I went into the bios and put it up to 2.2, I have thermal censors inside my case and the cpu temp hasent even changed from that oc. I do have 3 fans in the cpu not including the power supply and heatsink. I have a 120mm fan in back doing intake a 80mm on top doing outtake and a 80mm on side doing intake. The censor is showing my cpu to be running at 30c and my hd to be running at 36c. When iam running higher graphics games like cod2 it does go up a bit but not much.

My question is besides the cpu speed what else do I have to mess with in the bios? Do I change the PCI-E Clock? Do I have to change any of the voltage? Right now the comp is showing no difference with this change at all.
Iam dling the 3dmark05 right now to test it. I have a nvidia 7800gt in here and 1 gig of geil 3200. I was also wondering how I would go about ocing the card and if its a good idea.


Aug 31, 2005
More specs. What mobo? What temp at load? (there's a program called toast you can use to give it load)

You won't notice ANY increase in tempurature from just OCing it. When you start upping the voltage to the CPU you will though.