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Noob on CPU OC Xeon x5690

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New Member
Oct 10, 2020
Hello, first of all I don't speak English so I may say nonsense things because of the google translator

I tell you, yesterday after 6 years my Intel x58 motherboard died and seeing that I have all the rest of the pc left, I am thinking of buying a Sabertooth x58 in AliExpress (because it is a motherboard that I like since I was a child XD) and 24GB ( 4x6) of ram 1600mhz from kllsre and overclock my xeon x5690 to 4GHZ but since I never overclocked the cpu (mainly because the mobo did not allow it) I am afraid of damaging my pc because as I am a person with low resources it could take from months to a little over a year to put my pc back together, could you give me some advice on the sabertooth x58 (and OC in x58 in general)? Should I buy any other board that is the same or better? (the Sabertooth x58 is $ 117 with free shipping to Mexico), I read that with 1.35v or more the cpu is damaged and that the Sabertooth x58 is almost not compatible with ram and that at doing OC does not work the 6 modules, is it true ?. I don't know if it works but the only experience I have with OC is with the msi afterburner uploading a gtx 960 24/7 (literally, because my pc literally never turned it off when I was going to university) at 1500mhz for 2 years and for a year I have a gtx 1060 of 3gb at 2000mhz. here she left some components of my pc in case they are of any use.

PSU: evga 1000GQ(It cost me a little more than 70 dollars second-hand and I have never demanded much from him because on my pc I could only do OC to the GPU)
Cpu fan: Evga closed loop cpu cooler(This new one, I couldn't even put it on my pc because the mobo died before)

I think that's all, thanks in advance and greetings from Mexico :)

Pd: sorry if I went around the bush or they didn't understand me XD
That is a fantastic price for that board. Last time I looked they were wanting well over 200 for it. If you can squeeze it maybe get a W series CPU and ditch that x5690. I have that CPU too, but its not very flexible when it comes to memory speed. But if not it should work for what you want it to do.
Hello, thank you very much for answering. I take the opportunity to ask some questions that I have after reading the guide (wow impressive, it's a bit scary to see that there are many more options than with the GPU but at the same time it's very curious to see how far XD can go ... but I'm only looking for 4GHZ so I hope my idiocy impulse doesn't do what creates a black hole turning the CPU up to 9GHZ :p ) and your answers. I saw in the guide that you have to turn off all the energy saving functions when the cpu is overclocked, then it will always be at that speed or is it like a normal cpu that if it does nothing it lowers the clock? always being at 4GHZ is already dangerous for 24/7 or is it a low overclock for x58 (I see that everyone wanted to reach 4.73ghz so I think that 4GHZ could be an overclock almost as safe as the factory cpu c:)? I see that you can activate the turbo, is it advisable to leave it if you are a noob? I was also reading on the internet and I read that x58 motherboards are very hot and that with OC they are even more so and that is why you have to put additional cooling. is the memory overclock very noticeable? is it necessary to upload the cpu clock? is that I planned to leave them at 1600mhz since I think that for the triple channel it should be more than enough (because until now I used 1333mhz in triple channel and things like yuzu, gears 4 or forza horizon 3 were very good), how long should I leave the pc in prime95 to see that the overclock is stable? About the ram, is kllsre a good brand or would it be the same to buy generic memories and put a heatsink on it? Does Sabertooth support ECC? (I have 12gb ecc here and I don't know if they will work) other doubts but this is not mine, a friend after see how well yuzu ran on my pc and how cheap the parts were (around $ 400 for the entire pc) decided to build a x58 pc with xeon but now he is thinking between a x5675 xeon and an x5690 and asks if the x5690, w3690 and 990x are more “black leg” chips because they are the top of the range or if there were no special chips in x58 such as the 8086k and 9900ks and if there are fewer “errors” in the X56xx because they are for double cpu, finally if It is better to use a brand motherboard but used (another Sabertooth for being the cheapest triple channel) or one of those generic ones that are so abundant in AliExpress but this new
Hello friends, I update you since the last time. My Sabertooth x58 arrived well and I already have my PC assembled, after testing that the mobo worked well for a week I decided that today would be the day to work on the CPU overclock. I followed the guide until I got to the point where I had to raise the CPU multiplier to its maximum value (step 3), I got there with BCLK of 140 because my ram is generic (it's the only thing I have until I finish saving for some hyperX or the kllisre) and at the time of raising the CPU multiplier I realized that the processor did not go up so I deschice everything putting everything back in "auto" and the cpu still does not go above 1.79 GHZ not even giving it in the bios to restore default values. johan45 and freeagent any idea how to continue?