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Noob overclocker, 7700k OC question

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Oct 4, 2018
Hey all,

First post and first CPU OC!

Finally got the urge to OC my i7 7700k after about 8 or so months of owning it. Upgraded from a decent CoolerMaster Cooler, to a Noctua NH-D15 that I just installed today. What a sweet little cooler. Anyways, my specs.

Intel - Core i7-7700K @4.8GHz w/Noctua NH-D15

ASUS - GeForce RTX 2080ti

CORSAIR Vengeance RGB PRO 16GB (2x8GB) DDR4 3600MHz

MSI - Z170A KRAIT GAMING 3X ATX LGA1151 Motherboard

1. Anyways with a 4.9GHz OC @ 1.3 core voltage, ran a AIDA64 for about 30 min, temps ran on all cores to a highest of 68C and then BSOD.

So now I'm doing a second attempt but this time at 1.315 volts. I assumed I could do this as my temps never got too bad in terms of high 80C etc.

2nd question. I've noticed that with CPU-Z monitoring my AIDA64 test, my Core Speed can fluctuate from 4.9GHz down to 4.7 and anywhere in that range. Is this normal? Or should I see my CPU core speed stay exactly at 4.9?

I have turbo boost, Intel C states turned off, and fixed ratio turned and XMP turned on.

Is this fluctuation normal or should I change some other options in my BIOS?


I had an AVX offset set.

4.9 GHz seems to be a good overclock for air cooling? I had multiple crashes after removing AVX offset so I increased core voltage to 1.35 and so far have been stable during a 30 min AIDA64. We'll see how it goes. Max temps have been 72C, I could maybe shoot for 5.0 GHz but this seems good enough. Any thoughts?


SOOOO, after running AIDA64 for about 1 1/2 hours with no issue, and then 5 loads of Cinebench no issue, I thought I'd give Prime95 a shot. I then discovered I was getting a 1 error 0 warnings message... Soooo, I figured I don't have a stable OC. I've now lowered to 4.8 GHz, no errors in Prime, however, even with AVX offset set to 0, my CPU is still declocking itself during Prime95 test down from 4.8 to 4.5. Why?

Temps are mid 60sC
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Well, cant say it makes sense that p95 is running cooler than aida.... if you are hitting the 80s in aida, you should be in the 90s with p95. What version of p95 are you running? What torture test? Download Intel xtu and have it open (not running anything, just open) and look to see the throttle reasons at the bottom while running p95. You should see temperature, vrm, etc...

As far as if its "ok" to leave your overclock there... keep temps at 90c or less during g stress test and you are ok.