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Noob SuperPi question

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Senior Benchmark Addict
Feb 4, 2003
SF Bay Area
For stability, do a 32M run. It should take you between half an hour and two hours depending on how fast your system is. Not really sure how good of a stability test it is, but some people like it.

More commonly, the 1M test is used a benchmark. Takes less than minute.


Jul 30, 2003
Nice PI score, but super PI for me is not the best stability tester. I have been able to do 32M Pi test at speeds that would error out pretty quick in Prime95.
Prime95 IMHO is a much better stability tester.


Jan 1, 2004
Upstate New York
To give you a comparison the system in my sign does 41 seconds. You could use the search function to find the thread where a lot of people posted their scores. I know it was at least 2 pages (I think a lot more) of just 1M times.


Oct 9, 2003
Does a higher FSB help cut seconds off your superpi time.. or is it all about how many mhz you can get out of it?


Senior Benchmark Addict
Feb 4, 2003
SF Bay Area
It all helps quite a lot with SuperPI, although I've found that tight timings seem to matter more than much else. High clock speed, low mem speed and low latencies are optimal.


Jun 28, 2004
computer_geek said:
just got 35s with 2.5ghz 1:1 [email protected] cas

[email protected][knoppix]# ./super_pi 20
Version 2.0 of the super_pi for Linux OS
Fortran source program was translated into C program with version 19981204 of
f2c, then generated C source program was optimized manually.
pgcc 3.2-3 with compile option of "-fast -tp px -Mbuiltin -Minline=size:1000 -Mnoframe -Mnobounds -Mcache_align -Mdalign -Mnoreentrant" was used for the
------ Started super_pi run : Sat Jan 3 23:50:43 CET 2004
Start of PI calculation up to 1048576 decimal digits
End of initialization. Time= 0.470 Sec.
I= 1 L= 0 Time= 1.610 Sec.
I= 2 L= 0 Time= 1.840 Sec.
I= 3 L= 1 Time= 1.830 Sec.
I= 4 L= 2 Time= 1.820 Sec.
I= 5 L= 5 Time= 1.830 Sec.
I= 6 L= 10 Time= 1.820 Sec.
I= 7 L= 21 Time= 1.820 Sec.
I= 8 L= 43 Time= 1.830 Sec.
I= 9 L= 87 Time= 1.810 Sec.
I=10 L= 174 Time= 1.820 Sec.
I=11 L= 349 Time= 1.820 Sec.
I=12 L= 698 Time= 1.790 Sec.
I=13 L= 1396 Time= 1.800 Sec.
I=14 L= 2794 Time= 1.800 Sec.
I=15 L= 5588 Time= 1.800 Sec.
I=16 L= 11176 Time= 1.780 Sec.
I=17 L= 22353 Time= 1.770 Sec.
I=18 L= 44707 Time= 1.720 Sec.
I=19 L= 89415 Time= 1.610 Sec.
End of main loop
End of calculation. Time= 35.840 Sec.
End of data output. Time= 0.140 Sec.
Total calculation(I/O) time= 35.980( 0.990) Sec.