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Northbridge temp 79C on idle. Is that the reason for system crashes ?

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New Member
Dec 26, 2016
ASUS M2N68AM-PLUS mobo. Got Athlon II x4 645 over 3.8 ghz but any higher results in crashes and failing to boot(ram voltage added + reduced standart clock from 400 to 333 (ddr2) / 800 > 820 ) . AIDA 64 shows 79C temps on south/northbridge. Im kinda new in this oc thingy so i dunno really how to decrease temps. SB got copper heatsink but NB havent got any . Also theres 2 x 3 ,,little bricks " to the left from cpu - saw someone from youtube applying little heatsinks on them to make cpu throtling dissapear . What to do?
Also pardon for my bad english.


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Sep 13, 2015
What type of airflow do you have through your case? The amount of airflow and how it is traveling through the case will directly relate to component temperature.

If you have decent airflow but parts are still getting hot you may need to replace thermal paste on them. Is the heatsink unbearably hot when your system is running if you touch it.

I assume the little black boxes you are talking about is the chokes on the vrm. While you can add supplemental cooling to this it would be better to add the cooling to the little mosfets next to the chokes, or just a fan pointed at that whole area in general.


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Jun 9, 2013
Couple things:
You don't really give a lot of info to work with, but I don't need much for this assessment. Your board is an entry level board. You are lucky you're getting 3.8. Software temps aren't that accurate. That 79c temp you're seeing is probably VRM temp. It is only a cheap 4 phase board.
The Propus quad cores generally run pretty cool for what they are, but silicon lottery prevails here. 3.8 is about the norm for a X4 640/645. You may be at the end of your CPU's rope.


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Dec 27, 2008
The board can't take more. Your are exceeding the TDP by too much. As Mr. Scott said, it is a low end motherboard and probably not wise to push an overclock on it with quad core CPU. Besides, you are probably at about the limit of overclock on air with safe voltages for that CPU anyway. Have you stress tested it thoroughly?
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