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northwoods throtteling down mhz ... when?

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Feb 15, 2001
vienna, austria, europe, earth
i got a P4 1.6A and i am running it @ 150 fsb = 2.4 ghz
its on a epox 4sda
and have 256MB infinion cl 2 layer 8 ram ( running @ 112 mhz i think..)
i freashly installed win98se with no programs or drivers.

i was wondering if my cpu is throtteling down the mhz´s when it boots windows or while it is in windows ( although l could check that with wcupid if it were installed, which it isnt yet ! )

has anyone seen a northwood do that? throtteling down its speed?

does that happen at all?

i thought that it would do that because its somekind of selfsecurity thing from intel so that the cpu doesnt die...

thx for answers