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Not enough memory when scroll the Facebook

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New Member
Sep 21, 2022

I’ve encountered the following situation. I’m an admin of large Facebook group where 20-30 posts are published every day. My objective is to like-comment posts for last three months. Unfortunately, I haven’t found any way how I could sort posts in group by specific date. So the only way to get the URLs for the last three months is to manually scroll the page.

The problem is that when I do that I constantly face the „Ran Out of Memory” issue. Which is weird considering that I have 64 gigs of that and only 20% of it are being used while I’m scrolling. I tried different browsers – Chrome, Vivaldi, Opera – and everywhere I get the same issue.

So far I’ve tried to turn off the image loading (couldn’t find how to do that with videos), but it didn’t help me.
Are you sure it's system RAM and not vRAM? You have a message from AMD covered there...

either way, no idea why it would say that.

... that said, I don't really understand what you're doing in facebook to get 'URLs' to like them.

Doesn't FB groups default to chronological order (newest first) anyway???
Chrome has a 16gb limit iirc. Not sure about the other browsers you mention. Firefox can handle 32gb I think. This shouldn't be happening, by the way.