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Not recognizing CD-ROM

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Feb 7, 2001
Hello, My computer will not recognize my CD-ROM or my DVD. When I boot I get the usual, it is looking for IDE drive's, but it does not find any. I run my HD's on the RAID controller in the mobo. The only way I can get it to recognize them is to shut-down, disconnect the IDE cable from the mobo, restart, shut-down, reconnect the IDE cable, and restart. Sometimes I have to do this a couple of times before it will see the CD-ROM's. Here is my configuration:

T-Bird 900mhz @ 936 FSB+ @ 4
128meg 133mhz Princeton? Cas3
256meg 133mhz Corsair Cas2
Radeon 64DDR (retail)
Montego II Quadzilla Sound Card (by Turtle Beach)
SoundBlaster PCI 56k Modem
SoundBlaster 52x CD-ROM
Matsushi? DVD (this is 2 years old and out of my old Gateway)
Saitek USB Joystick
WD 30gig 7200 ATA100
Quantum 6gig 5400 ATA 33
Something like 10 fans all different sizes.
The power supply is a 300W that came with my Atec case

I have tried a new CD-ROM drive with and without the DVD connected. I disconnected all my fans thinking it was a power issue. I tried different IDE cables including ATA100's. Different IDE slots. Different power connectors.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Sorry, forgot a couple of things, I have BIOS version WT and have upgraded it when the new one came out in December. 4 in 1 VIA drivers and 7078 drivers for the Radeon. Thanks!
Yea, I am not seeing anything out of the ordinary. Also I posted this in the wrong area, sorry about that.
Check the posts for the newest bios update. This is a long shot, but your irq's just came to mind. Have ya tried taking everything out except for the basics? Maybe just the hd,vid,... better yet, check your manual for irq sharing. With the kt7a the agp shares with slot 1, and other slots share as well. Could be that one of 'em is bein' stingy. It might just be the bios though.
I haven't take everthing out yet because this just started happening out of the blue with all of the current equipment having been in place for two months. I am running WT bios. Can I switch to WW or WZ for instance or do I have to wait for an updated WT bios? Or are the WW, WZ and son on the updated bios's? I am not sure how ABIT does it and I did not want to flash with the wrong BIOS. Thanks
Click on this sight. http://fae.abit.com.tw/download/bios/kt7/index-e.htm

The bios updates automatically. The newest one "ty" works great. These are for both kt7/kt7a boards. I'm sure you know how to do a clean boot, (that's the best way of doing it). But yes the system should except the new bios with no problems. Then ya still gotta reset the settings in cmos. Another thing is any the bios's listed will work on these boards.
HAD THE SAME TROUBLE.set my bios boot sequence to 1 ploppy 2 hdd 3 cd rom,it had somthing else there like lp124 or somthing.it loses it again when the hpt 370 disc is loaded to the mass storage controller.just make sure the escd is inabled(checks for device conflcts,well it worked on mine but i have only 1 drive for now.............good luck.........by the way its alot of trouble but if you have a backup prog.do so after EVERY DOWNLOAD disc floppy internet whatever
Now do each of the BIOS updates have the previous update in them? Or do I have to start with the one after WW since WW was the last one that I flashed? Can I just download YH and be done with it?
Yes you can download any of them and install any of them .There's no order as to the levels. I would go for the ty since it's the latest, and it has the other fixes as well. When you download it though, place it in it's own folder as it's a self-extractor in whatever folder it's in. (unless you don't mind stray files on your hd.)
Thank you all, I am going to try the new BIOS and some of the other fixes and will let you know.