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Not Your Typical "New Build" Thread (Gaming PC Build Recommendations)

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The Pictures look fine.:cheers: That is interesting that the CORSAIR Vengeance LPX fit under the heatsink fan, with the G.SKILL Ripjaws V Series I can't populate the first ram slot.
That sucks! I can see that though after look at them online. They have the extra "hump" on their shielding whereas the Corsair LPX sticks are just flat. Good thing I didn't splurge on the Dominator series or I would have never got them in place!
I hope your overclocking goes well for you, post how it goes. I'm vary happy with mine at 4.5GHz, My room temperature is about 75c so my hyper 212 does well enough for what I like to do.
Hope you will be satisfied with the cooling power of the Coolermaster Hyper 212. very popular mid range cooler and good bang for the buck but there are better choices out there from a sheer cooling power perspective in the air cooling realm.

Is the cooler twisted a little bit or is it the camera angle that makes it seem like it's not quiet lined up with the motherboard edge.
Yes, it was slightly twisted. I noticed after I took the picture and aligned it. The thermal paste that comes with it is quite slick, it seems as good as the Artic Silver 5. I haven't looked up yet what it is other than generic cool master thermal paste.

I may have applied the paste more generously than I should have lol. I'll be monitoring that situation this weekend and decide if I want to redo it.
Idle.png Load.png

Does this look about right? I'm actually getting as high at 68 for max temp. No, I wasn't trying to lower my load by disabling areo for my idle temps ;).

The safe ceiling for this processor is 1.45v I believe?

Still grinding through Windows Updates... Took all day troubleshooting through the "stuck updates" bug, it was being pretty stubborn.

Thinking I'll try for 4.5GHz for the time being. I'll go for 4.7 when I buy the new PSU, worried this one isn't as stable as it should be.