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nothing but problems with my chaintek gforce 200ti

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Feb 19, 2001
since i bought this card i have tried several operating systems and several different m\b's not to mention drivers i have tried just about all of them.i just reformatted-went from 98 to xp once again did all the right things after a clean install defragging,after each install in the correct order etc.and still i cant really get my card to perform to what i think its capable of for instance i have an xp 2200 on an epox 8k3a+ using the 2815 bios with 512 megs pc 2700 with all that i cant even complete a 3dmark 2001 at default i have to use 640 480 32 bit instead of compressed and d3d hardware t&l and get only 9683.but besides the benchmarking i get booted out of games most of the time before it starts.so before i get rid of this card does anyone have any ideas as to settings in bios or any settings in any program i could download to tweak the card.thanks for any and all advice in advance.


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Jul 16, 2001
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Firstly, ensure your motherboard drivers are up to date, along with the BIOS

With a clean OS install (to get rid of any lingering drivers), install a known good set of drivers (I'd recommend the 30.82's).

Keep the vid card a t stock speed, d/l Coolbits (or get nVHard from www.guru3d.com). nVHard will do resolution rate fixes, and activate Coolbits as well. Get your card set up before you start playing with clock speeds......