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Nothing will turn on anymore, not even the fans that go into the PSU :o

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Nov 16, 2016
Sadly, I have yet another issue with this build lol. I'm hoping it's nothing too serious as I've been using it for a few days and it worked fine, so hopefully that's a sign that nothing is broken.

But then my children were playing and it turned off mid game, it just turned off (no blue screen or warning) and then I tried to turn it back on and it would sort of light up for a second, then I would try pressing the power button again, and again until I was able to turn it back on. Then it turned off by itself yet again about 20 mins into using it.

I figured I would look into it today. So this morning I go to turn it on and it won't turn on at all, this time it won't even attempt to light up. Not even the fans that I connected directly into the PSU will attempt to light up :0

I'm thinking PSU? Since the CPU was running before and the motherboard seemed OK too. I'm going to check connections again, I guess. Would appreciate any suggestions :)


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Jul 17, 2003

I'm guessing that you have another thread with more details about your system but we don't have those here. I will give you my best guess.

I agree with you that it is most likely the PSU. If that is indeed what failed, the next question will keep you up at night. If the PSU failed, did it take other equipment with it?

Of course, make sure that the problem is not the power strip that your machine is plugged in to and the same goes with the outlet. Did you blow a fuse on the circuit/power strip? To test, try the computer in another outlet. If you can borrow a PSU from another machine, see if that works in your machine. Take out all unescesary gear from your machine as you test to reduce the number of "moving parts".


Nov 16, 2016
Hi don256us :) Thanks for the reply. My build is 6600k, Cryorig H7, Extreme6, Ripjaws V 16gb, Seasonic ssr650rm.

Will try to replace the PSU with my older computer's. Is it OK to use a 300W PSU if I don't have a graphics card hooked up. It should be enough right?

I'm hoping this will bring some answers otherwise will have to call a technician again :(

PS: Could the case's power button have anything to do with this? because I noticed that a few times it was sort of becoming stuck. I'm skeptical that the power button is to blame for all of this but it's worth asking. In order to test this power button theory, can I turn on the PC from the motherboard and see what happens?
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Jul 26, 2004
yes all you need to do is unplug where the case switch plugs into your mb and touch those pins at the same time with a screwdriver

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Jan 10, 2012
you can bypass the on button by unplugging it from the board and just connect those two pins with the tip of a screwdriver,


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Dec 4, 2011
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And I'm hoping it's the switch. After following the build I'm rooting for you! On the plus side, you shouldn't have a problem with RMA from Seasonic if it's needed. In fact, if you bought it from a brick and mortar store it would probably be a matter of simply walking in with it. Good luck!