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Now what?!!!

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Apr 16, 2011
I reseated the cpu and now Core Temp is telling me this weird frequency. WoW was running fine at full settings. But Forza Horizon 5 is stuck at 20 FPS. I have no clue what is going on this time. I'm really getting close to selling this PC and just buying a PS5! Ughh!
Anyone know what I can do to fix this?


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Did you try resetting the BIOS?

Does any other program confirm these clockspeeds? What does Hwinfo say... does it list throttling issues?

I'd consider reseating it again and checking the pins/seeing if you got any paste under... something. Why did you reseat it in the first place???
I resat it because the temps were getting into the 90's again. I figured it was the cheap thermal spread that thermalright sent with the bracket. I used Prolimatech PK3 this time but did the 5 dot method. Temps are actually better. But the cpu is just acting weird. According to HWMONITOR I'm hitting 5088 mghz on mostly all cores. Temps are spiking into the 70's but are usually in the low 50's during gaming. Is there a better small cpu temp reader thing?
Does any other program confirm these clockspeeds? What does Hwinfo say... does it list throttling issues?

Try Realtemp... Try Hwinfo as mentioned above...HWINFO64 does everything and has throttling reasons.
According to HWMONITOR it's running at 5088 on most p cores. e cores haven't been changed. I'll try HWINFO if it's anything different. Temps on HWMONITOR all look decent topping out at 71c. I'll try HWINFO64 and get back.
...the same way you screenshot everything. Make the window you want active, press alt+prt scn... paste in paint. Viola. Or..use clipping tool.

Seems normal to me... but it also seems that's just an idle screenshot? You didn't run through games with it up so we can see the data???
Also, it crashes every hour lately. I set everything to stock and see if that fixes it or I'll be making a good ole' trip back to Micro Center
Well, it just crashed at stock. So I'm not sure what to diagnose first here. Anyone have any ideas?
What does the event viewer show happened? What were you doing when it crashed at stock? Please be forthcoming with information...

I also wouldn't be returning anything just yet...it worked fine before you reseat it, remember??
Call me a newb man but I don't know what to look for in Event Viewer. I had just opened WoW when it crashed. Come to think of it it only crashes when I'm playing that game.
Why not just put back to default and start from scratch? If you load defaults in bios than boot into windows, what does the clock show than?