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nVidia 3000 series water block sightings thread

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Yeah I seldom ever really crank them anymore. Hell, my truck I haven't even put the 'big' speakers IN in over a year. I have a dual 12" ported box that sits behind my 3rd row, or I can put in another box with 3 monster 15s in 9 cubic feet if I remove the rear seats. It still sits behind the 2nd row and below the windows. But... I just don't use it much.
For anyone that is hard up for a 3080/90 FTW3 block Optimus has their $378 3080/90 block in stock on their site right now. Way far out for my price range though.
I've been eyeballing moving to water, but I really think I want full active cooling of the backside of the card and as far as I know EK is the only company doing this right now - or even planning active water on the backside. These 3090s really need it!
That would definitely be a more economical option. Downside is another intake and outflow port - EK's solution is supposed to have a single intake and outflow for the front and backside of the card. With my card vertically mounted I think this would be a nice thing, putting something like the DRAM plate and another in/out on the backside of the card might make it a bit tight up against the MB? I have more room to move the card "out" towards the side panel, but then this gets in the way of the I/O on the front side, too.

I'm still kicking things around. I'll do some more research on the effectiveness of that DRAM plate, though, thanks. Most I'd seen up to this point was people putting passive heatsinks with new thermal tape and mounting a fan or something to blow over it. I saw one guy 3D printed a custom bracket to hold like 5 or 6 little fans on it.

<edit> Of course, going back to a horizontal mount if I move to H2O isn't that big of a deal.
Yea it would add some restriction for sure. The best way I figure is to run a 45 out of the cpu block to a 45 on the dram block inlet with the tubing doing the rest of the bend. Unfortunately a 90 out of the dram block to a 90 on the gpu block inlet seems about the only way without a bunch of tubing running all over.
Optimus blocks for the FTW3 are in stock at their site again right now. $378 with XL backplate.

Also Alphacool has theirs in stock at their site as well.